"Bartholomew Fair" as Urban Arcadia: Jonson Responds to Shakespeare

  title={"Bartholomew Fair" as Urban Arcadia: Jonson Responds to Shakespeare},
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1. Most of these attempts have been admirably concluded. Those which ave broken the ground for this one include: Robert Ornstein, "Shakespearian and Jonsonian Comedy," ShS, XXIII (1969), 43-46; Harry Levin, "Two Magian Comedies: The Tempest and The Alchemist," ShS, XXIII (1969), 47-58; Nancy Leonard, "Shakespeare and Jonson Again: The Comic Forms," RenD, N.S. X (1979), 45-70; Anne Barton, " The New Inn and the Problem of Jonson's Late Style," ELR , IX (1979), 395 4 18, and "Harking Back to… Expand
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