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"At Least the Pizzas You Make Are Hot": Norms, Values, and Abrasive Humor on the Subreddit r/RoastMe

  title={"At Least the Pizzas You Make Are Hot": Norms, Values, and Abrasive Humor on the Subreddit r/RoastMe},
  author={Anna Kasunic and Geoff F. Kaufman},
'I'm going to hell for laughing at this'
The explicitly negative tone of RoastMe was seen to create a shared understanding that users posting photos would expect and not be harmed by comments, allowing participants to reframe interactions as safe, acceptable and funny. Expand
Jibes & Delights: A Dataset of Targeted Insults and Compliments to Tackle Online Abuse
Online abuse and offensive language on social media have become widespread problems in today’s digital age. In this paper, we contribute a Reddit-based dataset, consisting of 68,159 insults andExpand
"And We Will Fight For Our Race!" A Measurement Study of Genetic Testing Conversations on Reddit and 4chan
This paper presents a measurement study shedding light on how genetic testing is being discussed on Web communities in Reddit and 4chan, using NLP and computer vision tools to identify trends, themes, and topics of discussion. Expand
Analyzing Genetic Testing Discourse on the Web Through the Lens of Twitter, Reddit, and 4chan
The connection between genetic testing and racism is explored on platforms with a reputation for toxicity, namely, Reddit and 4chan, where it is found that discussions around genetic testing often include highly toxic language expressed through hateful and racist comments. Expand
Legends: Folklore on Reddit
It is shown that Reddit legends can indeed be considered as folklore and that they are amendable to systematic text-based approaches, and how these results will enable future analyses of folklore on Reddit, including tracking subreddit-wide and individual-user behaviour. Expand
Social Norm Vulnerability and its Consequences for Privacy and Safety in an Online Community
Through an interview study with 25 fandom participants, this work investigates social norms that have been largely effective over time at maintaining member privacy and safety, but also break down under certain circumstances. Expand
Analysis through Semantic & Syntactic Pattern Inspection
Analyzing language for social computing tasks requires looking beyond individual words. For example, the word “please” generally signals politeness, but more so together with modal verbs (“could youExpand
Content Moderation Across Multiple Platforms with Capsule Networks and Co-Training
Social media systems provide a platform for users to freely express their thoughts and opinions. Although this property represents incredible and unique communication opportunities, it also bringsExpand
Creativity, Copyright, and Close-Knit Communities
It is concluded that the effectiveness of norms in encouraging cooperative behavior is due in part to a strong sense of social identity within the community, and the benefits of creating formal rules within a community that support existing norms, rather than imposing rules from external sources. Expand
Crossmod: A Cross-Community Learning-based System to Assist Reddit Moderators
Crossmod is the first open source, AI-backed sociotechnical moderation system to be designed using participatory methods, and an approach that leverages a large corpus of previous moderator decisions via an ensemble of classifiers. Expand