"A Heretic Who has No Faith in the Great Ones of the Age": The Clash Over the Honor of Or Ha-Ḥayyim

  title={"A Heretic Who has No Faith in the Great Ones of the Age": The Clash Over the Honor of Or Ha-Ḥayyim},
  author={David Assaf},
  journal={Modern Judaism},
  pages={194 - 225}
Almost as soon as it was published, the book known as Or ha-h: ayyim, comprising the Torah interpretations of the Moroccan sage R. H: ayyim ben Attar (1696–1743), became one of the most beloved literary works within the Hasidic movement, a favorite of its leading personalities going all the way back to R. Israel Ba’al Shem Tov (the Besht) himself. The attitude of the early Hasidim toward the book was transmitted to ensuing generations, and the book was venerated and esteemed by z:addiqim and… Expand
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Kluger’s impressive literary output (traditionally
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Sefer emunat h: akhamim bo yevo’ar hashra’at ruah: ha-qodesh ve-gilui nevu’ah la-zaddiqim va-h: akhamim she-be-khol dor
  • . . [The book’Emunat Hakhamim, in which is explained the alighting of the holy spirit on, and the revelation of prophecy to, the Z: addiqim and sages in every generation]. . . edited and collected by Elijah ben Shalom Bokobza
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Ma’avar yaboq is a book of customs, counsel, prayers, and laws related to illness, death, and mourning
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The attitude of Jewish sages at various periods to the diverse revelations of the holy spirit has been treated in the literature
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