"'One Man to Rely On': Long John Silver and the Shifting Character of Victorian Boys' Fiction"

  title={"'One Man to Rely On': Long John Silver and the Shifting Character of Victorian Boys' Fiction"},
  author={L. Honaker},
  journal={Journal of Narrative Theory},
  pages={27 - 53}
  • L. Honaker
  • Published 18 May 2004
  • History
  • Journal of Narrative Theory
I made a mutiny, and I been a gentleman o' fortune; well, but by all stories, you ain't no such saint. I'm a man that keeps company very easy; even by your own account, you ain't, and to my certain knowledge, you're a devil to haze. Which is which? Which is good, and which bad? Ah, you tell me that! Here we are in stays, and you may lay to it! -Long John Silver to Captain Smollett in Stevenson's "The Persons of the Tale" 
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