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Oxygen consumption during ambulation was measured in 10 normal subjects wearing ankle weights of 0.91 kg, 1.82 kg, and 2.73 kg, either on the right ankle or bilaterally. Subjects walked at self-selected speeds and oxygen consumption was measured over 1-minute intervals during steady-state walking. Oxygen consumption per unit distance and oxygen consumption(More)
Diabetes mellitus and peripheral vascular disease often lead to infections that result in lower extremity amputations. Transcutaneous oxygen pressure (TcPO2) has been shown by many investigators to be a highly reliable means of assessing cutaneous blood supply and, thus, predicting healing potential. However, TcPO2 measurements are time-consuming and(More)
m. To establish a quick and easy test to examine flicker functions of the blue-sensitive pathway in a clinica: setting. Method. A strong steady orange adaptation light was used to suppress the red and green cones. Adaptation and stimulation lights were superimposed evenly in a ping-pang ball cut in half and placed close to the eye. This provided a large(More)
Puroose: Multiple ruptures of Bowman's membrane is a characteristic pathological finding in keratoconus corneas. We investigated to further clarify the three dimentional collagen fibrillsr architecture of keratoconus corneas and compared those with other diseased corneas. Methods: The cell maceration and conductive method were applied to the diseased(More)
Overview My research focus can be summarized as follows: 1. Efficient computational methods for PDEs: eigenmodes of the Laplacian, high-frequency waves and resonances. 2. Mathematical physics: spectral properties of quantized chaotic dynamical systems, quantum ergodicity, dissipation, and billiard systems. 3. Inverse problems in biomedical imaging: Diffuse(More)
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