sandro Sette

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Body mass index (BMI) in conjunction with indices of energy turnover, e.g. physical activity levels (PAL), was recently proposed for classifying adult chronic energy deficiency (CED). Three deprived populations in Africa and Asia were chosen to assess the classification system. Repeated monitoring showed that the combined indicator was affected by(More)
An increase in the polyunsaturated to saturated fatty acid ratio (P:S) in the diet has been reported to reduce blood pressure in man. We have investigated whether an increase in the percentage of saturated fatty acids in the typical Mediterranean diet would affect blood pressure in a sample of healthy rural population of southern Italy. Fifty-seven(More)
In 19 towns and cities across Europe anthropometric data--body weight, height, skinfold thicknesses and circumferences--have been obtained from 2332 elderly subjects born between 1913 and 1918, according to a strictly standardized methodology. Large variations exist among research towns even within countries. For body weight, means ranged from 70.1 +/- 15.4(More)
A study was carried out on 48 healthy middle-age men and women habitually subsisting on a "Mediterranean type" diet in a rural area of southern Italy. Their freely chosen natural diet was modified for a period of 42 days by partially substituting animal fats for olive oil. Currently available foods were used, and the subjects maintained their habitual(More)
The foods which contribute most to the intake of selected vitamins and minerals were evaluated for the elderly in Italy and compared to food sources of nutrients in the US. A sample of 945 Italians, aged > or = 60, from 14 centres throughout Italy, each completed weighed 7-day food records during the period 1983-1987. These data were used to quantify the(More)
OBJECTIVE To devise a strategy for assessing the nutritional status of a household and specifying the major needs in combating childhood wasting, distinguishing between inadequate food availability, poor parental care and/or the need for improved public health measures. DESIGN An evaluation of the relationship between children's wasting, stunting, or(More)
The major sources of macronutrients in the Italian diet were assessed. Elderly Italians, aged > or = 60 recorded their weighed intake for a 7-day period. A total of 945 subjects from 14 centres throughout Italy participated during the period 1983-1987. These data were used to quantify the contribution of individual foods to the total intake of and(More)
The interrelationship between habitual alcohol consumption, dietary intakes and vitamin status was examined in 393 elderly subjects (188 men, 205 women, age range 65-90 years) resident in seven retirement homes throughout Italy. Individual food intake was assessed by the 7-day precise weighing method. Fasting blood was tested for riboflavin (erythrocyte(More)