ruce W. Smith

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Sediment reference sites were used to establish toxicity standards against which to compare results from sites investigated in San Francisco Bay (California, USA) monitoring programs. The reference sites were selected on the basis of low concentrations of anthropogenic chemicals, distance from active contaminant sources, location in representative(More)
Observations are presented of the polar ionosphere under steady, northward IMF. The measurements , made by six complementary experimental techniques, including radio tomography, all-sky and meridian scanning photometer optical imaging, incoherent and coherent scatter radars and satellite particle detection, reveal plasma parameters consistent with(More)
The incorporation of [2-14C] acetate into the triglycerides of adipocytes from bovine omental adipose tissue was at a minimum during peak lactation but increased again in late lactation. Similar but somewhat greater changes were observed for adipocytes from subcutaneous adipose tissue. In both tissues the activities of four enzymes concerned with fatty acid(More)
To attain the optical precision necessary to precisely quantify fluorescent or colorimetric signals, analytical systems have typically included quality-controlled cuvettes, flow cells, or dual-beam reference systems. We describe a system where a fluorescence or transmittance signal is quantified in single, standard, 12-mm-diameter polystyrene test tubes.(More)
Triglyceride concentrations in rat liver rose during late pregnancy, declined at peak lactation, and then rose again during involution. The percentage of oleate in the triglycerides rose at peak lactation, but that of linoleate fell. Although phospholipid concentrations were unchanged, the percentage of palmitate in this fraction rose, and those of stearate(More)
We studied temperature dependence of complex capacitance, impedance, and polarized Raman spectra of single crystal Cs2Nb4O11. First, we observed a sharp lambda-shaped peak at 165 degrees C in the complex capacitance, then found drastic changes in the Raman spectra in the same temperature range. Utilizing the pseudosymmetry search of structure space group,(More)
The activities (per g of tissue) of hexokinase, phosphofructokinase and pyruvate kinase were unchanged throughout lactation in liver and in kidney cortex. In both these tissues glucose 6-phosphatase activity decreased during late lactation. At the same time fructose diphosphatase activity increased in kidney cortex but not in liver. Activities of the(More)