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Recent regional tree die-off events appear to have been triggered by a combination of drought and heat - referred to as 'global-change-type drought'. To complement experiments focused on resolving mechanisms of drought-induced tree mortality, an evaluation of how patterns of tree die-off relate to highly spatially variable precipitation is needed. Here, we(More)
Two further cases of a meningioma of the ear simulating a glomus tumor are reported, pathological features in the first case leading to intensive discussion. Two such cases had been previously described in great detail in a paper published in 1977. In those patients, the differential diagnosis froma jugular glomus tumor was only established two and a half(More)
Hypotonia, neonatal respiratory distress with a chest wall deformity should arouse clinical suspicion to the diagnosis of primary hyperthyroidism. The most common signs at this age are hypercalcaemia, increased alkaline phosphatase, low TRPP and radiological changes especially in the hip. Radio-immunological assay of PTH and plasma concentrations of Vitamin(More)
The subject of this prospective study was to appreciate the natural history of 34 herniated lumbar nucleus pulposus after recovery excluding surgical or intra-discal therapy. First CT scan was performed when radicular pain was worst, second CT between 1 and 32 months after recovery (6 to 40 months after the first CT). After the first 18 months, 18(More)
Ninety three cases of diabetes insipidus are reviewed after 1 to 20 years follow-up. A codified water deprivation test realized in 50 cases revealed 31 severe cases and 19 partial forms. Apart from surgical causes of diabetes insipidus (16%), tumors represent the most frequent etiology (33.5%), essentially craniopharyngiomas and pinealomas. Histiocytosis X(More)