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Patent Breadth , Patent Life , and the Pace of Technological Progress
In active investment climates where firms sequentially improve each other’s products, a patent can terminate either because it expires or because a noninfringing innovation displaces its product inExpand
Analysis of Character Correlations Among Wood Decay Mechanisms , Mating Systems , and Substrate Ranges in Homobasidiomycetes
—Homobasidiomycetes include the majority of wood-decaying fungi. Two basic forms of wood decay are known in homobasidiomycetes: white rot, in which lignin and cellulose are degraded, and brown rot,Expand
Viburnum Phylogeny Based on Chloroplast trnK Intron and Nuclear Ribosomal ITS DNA Sequences
Phylogenetic analyses of chloroplast trnK intron and nuclear ribosomal ITS DNA sequences yield signiŽcant improvements in our understanding of relationships, character evolution, and biogeography inExpand
Milk quota and the development of Irish dairy productivity : a Malmquist index using a stochastic frontier approach
Several studies of the Irish dairy productivity and efficiency have been carried out in recent history, but none have been able to use Irish farm level data going back before milk quota’sExpand
Inferring Rates of Change in Flower Symmetry in Asterid Angiosperms
Discrete, version 1.01b (Pagel, 1997), is a DOS-based program that can be used to estimate individual ancestral values. Discrete was written to test for correlated evolution between two discreteExpand
Molecular Phylogeny and Biogeography of Ribes ( Grossulariaceae ) , with an Emphasis on Gooseberries ( subg . Grossularia )
Gooseberries are often distinguished from currants as a distinct genus (Grossularia) or subgenus (Ribes subg. Grossularia), but recent molecular phylogenetic analyses of chloroplast and nuclear dataExpand
Nutrition of the Green Iguana ( Iguana iguana )
Specific numbers are lacking, but most iguanas in the US appear to die prematurely, and malnutrition appears to be common. Thus thorough dietary histories should be obtained for iguanas presenting asExpand
Step Matrices and the Interpretation of Homoplasy
—Assumptions aboutthe costs of character change,coded in the form of a stepmatrix, determine most-parsimonious inferences of character evolution on phylogenies. We present a graphical approach toExpand