huei-Shyong Wang

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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The clinical outcome of acute necrotizing encephalopathy of childhood (ANEC), an encephalopathy characterized by symmetrical involvement of the thalami, has historically been poor, but recent studies have reported better outcomes. By devising a MR imaging scoring system, we determined the relationship between characteristic MR(More)
Symmetric change of the entire area of the bilateral thalami, as with panthalamic lesions, plus involvement of other regions in the brain rarely occurs to previously healthy children. The term, acute necrotizing encephalopathy of childhood, has recently been proposed. Its clinical, radiological, and pathological features are described. This disease(More)
We have done an epidemiological study in an elementary school with 2000 Taiwanese children aged from 6 to 12 years, and found 11 of them with Tourette's syndrome. The prevalence rate of Tourette's syndrome was around 0.56%. The ratio of male to female was 9 to 2. The comorbid rate of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder was 36%, self-injurious behaviors(More)
The high population density of insects is often a stress factor. Insects synthesize heat shock proteins (Hsps) in response to the impacts of stress through molecular chaperone activity. Locust solitary and gregarious phases occur at low and high population density, respectively. In this study, we compare the expression profiles of the Hsp genes in the two(More)
Tourette's disorder has long been regarded as a disorder of involuntary movement. Here the authors show that children with Tourette's disorder do not differ from healthy comparison subjects in stop-signal inhibition. These results suggest the importance of considering motor tics as voluntary rather than as involuntary.
Central diabetes insipidus occurs in patients with overwhelming central nervous system injuries, and may be associated with brain death. The clinical picture of children with acquired central diabetes insipidus after acute brain insult is seldom reported. We retrospectively reviewed cases dating from January 2000-February 2008 at a tertiary pediatric(More)
Pott’s puffy tumor is characterized by subperiosteal abscess associated with osteomyelitis of frontal bone. Reports are limited for this rare entity in the antibiotics era but increase during past decade. We had clinical analysis of a series with six consecutive pediatric patients of Pott’s puffy tumor during 20 years in a tertiary medical center via(More)
Childhood intracranial varix is rare and has been associated mostly with vein of Galen fistula or arteriovenous malformation. We present one patient with intracranial arteriovenous fistula with concomitant giant varix in a child. We treated the patient with endovascular embolization and obtained complete closure of fistula without morbility and mortality.(More)
AIM To study the difference between pyridoxine (PN) and its active form, pyridoxal phosphate, (PLP) in control of idiopathic intractable epilepsy in children. METHODS Among 574 children with active epilepsy, 94 (aged 8 months to 15 years) were diagnosed with idiopathic intractable epilepsy for more than six months. All received intravenous PLP 10 mg/kg,(More)
This 16-year retrospective study review sought to determine the factors influencing prognosis and treatment results of all patients with primary intracranial germ cell tumors treated at our hospital who were younger than 17 years of age at the time of diagnosis. A total of 44 patients were treated during the study period, including 32 males and 12 females(More)