enrik Hagberg

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A one-half gain rule for hearing aid fitting based on the unaided average hearing threshold level was first proposed by S. F. Lybarger. From records on almost 500 clients with sensorineural loss for whom hearing aids were prescribed and fitted, the functional gain for speech reception threshold, 500 Hz, and the average of 1000 and 2000 Hz was examined. The(More)
In three experiments, the predictability of the hearing aid gain actually used by clients was compared with that predicted by using data based upon hearing threshold level and data based upon most comfortable loudness level. At the frequencies tested, the mean difference between the predicted and obtained gain was smaller when based upon prediction from the(More)
The effect of attention on auditory responses obtained with respiration audiometry was examined on twenty normal-hearing adults. Ten subjects were instructed to listen carefully for the auditory stimuli during testing, while the other ten were not instructed. The results revealed that the change in respiration resulting from sound stimuli for the instructed(More)
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