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Of 31 cases of haemorrhage from oesophageal varices treated by sclerotherapy eight came to necropsy. The oesophagus and proximal stomach were studied by means of a serial block technique and the histopathological findings in each case were recorded on two full-scale maps: one representing superficial tissues including the submucosa and the other the deeper(More)
Thromboembolic events frequently complicate the clinical course of patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Hereditary thrombophilia may contribute to this tendency. Resistance to activated protein C is the most recently described thrombophilic state and may account for up to 40% of patients with thrombophilia. Thirty-seven patients with IBD were(More)
This study aimed to assess the perinatal outcome, especially foetal growth, following the continuation of metformin during the first trimester of pregnancy. All women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) treated with metformin in the first trimester and who delivered a baby weighing 500 g or more between 2003 and 2005 were studied. Subjects were matched(More)
Before the introduction of endoscopy, four out of 720 cases of gastric cancer were diagnosed before the cancer had breached the muscularis propia, an incidence of 0.5%. Using endoscopy and endoscopic biopsy, 10 out of 101 cases of gastric cancer were diagnosed at this "early" stage, an incidence of 10%. Their clinical, morphological, and histological(More)
Activated protein C resistance (APCR) results in an ineffective anticoagulant response leading to an increased risk of thrombosis, particularly during pregnancy. Adverse pregnancy outcomes including pre-eclampsia (PET), intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR), recurrent miscarriage and placental abruption have been linked with thrombotic lesions compromising(More)
The aim of quality control of a laboratory investigation is to ensure that similar results are obtained on the same material at different centres. To investigate its practicability in cytodiagnosis, the same cytological material was examined independently at six centres. Each centre supplied material from 20 cases, providing a total of 120 cases, ie, 100(More)
We investigated the link between the mRNA of the procoagulant prothrombin in the placental tissue with the increased placental fibrin deposition associated with activated protein C resistance (APCR). Women with APCR were not found to produce higher levels of prothrombin transcript compared to women with a normal APC ratio. This indicates that accumulated(More)
A histological mapping procedure was used to study 32 stomachs bearing small cancers and 23 stomachs bearing ulcers. Over 80 per cent of gastric cancers and peptic ulcers occurred within 2 cm of both a mucosal junction and the lesser curvature. They showed slight differences in their longitudinal relationship to the pyloric junction. There were differential(More)