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Most processing stages theorists assume that response selection processes are largely autonomous from earlier perceptual analysis of information. We report findings that challenge this assumption and suggest that a much more complex interaction exists between perception and action. Specifically our study demonstrates that the initial analysis of visual(More)
Cross-dimensional visual search for single-feature targets that differed from the distractors along two dimensions (color and orientation) was compared with intradimensional search for targets that differed from the distractors along a single dimension (either orientation or color). The design of the first three experiments differed from those of previous(More)
Three experiments studied the perception of tone sequences having various degrees of musical structure. Ratings of perceived structure and ease of recognition in transposition were both influenced by harmonic progression (as defined by music theory), the contour (directional changes in pitch), and the excursion or repetition pattern within the sequence. The(More)
In the present research we examined the development of sensitivity to two musical relations significant in Western tonal music, the semitone and diatonic structure. Infants and preschool children were tested for their detection of a semitone change in any position of a five-note melody. Two standard melodies were used, one composed of diatonic tones only(More)
A model is proposed for identification and response selection of cross-dimensional conjunctive stimuli. The model assumes that the formation of conjunction representations involves processes similar to those used in response selection for single-feature targets. It predicts that discrimination between conjunctive targets leads to separate competitions in(More)
The magnitude of acute arrhythmogenicity of doxorubicin administration has not been characterized. In this study the type and frequency of cardiac arrhythmia is determined in the first hour and first 24 hours following doxorubicin given as a 10-minute infusion. Twenty-nine patients with diverse malignancies were studied with Holter monitors on 33(More)
INTRODUCTION Although thromboembolism is an uncommon complication of radiofrequency (RF) ablation, some preliminary reports have suggested that RF ablation results in activation of the coagulation system, possibly increasing this risk. We hypothesized that the insertion of intravenous catheters and their prolonged intravenous placement rather than RF(More)
Experiments 1 and 2 of this study show that when the target is either a vertical or a horizontal line, diagonal-line flankers tilted 45 degrees either to the right or to the left have the same effect as do incongruent flankers. When the target is a diagonal line tilted either to the right or to the left, vertical- or horizontal-line flankers do not have the(More)