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Human Papillomavirus Infection, Centrosome Aberration, and Genetic Stability in Cervical Lesions
DNA replication and centrosome duplication have to be strictly synchronized to guarantee genomic stability. p53, pRb, cyclin E, and cyclin A are reported to be involved in the synchronizing process.Expand
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Diagnostic protein marker patterns in squamous cervical cancer
Purpose: Cervical cancer is the second most prevalent malignancy of women. Our aim was to identify additional marker protein patterns for objective diagnosis of squamous cervical cancer (SCC).
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Cervical cancer in the screening era: who fell victim in spite of successful screening programs?
Objective To compare profiles of a prescreening and screening cohort of women with cervical cancer regarding histopathology and clinical variables in order to identify those remaining at risk despiteExpand
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Uterine cervix cancer treatment at Radiumhemmet: 90 years′ experience. Time trends of age, stage, and histopathology distribution
Since the introduction of screening programs for cervical cancer (CC) the incidence has decreased and CC is discovered at an earlier stage. The purpose of this study was to analyze time trends inExpand
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Carcinoma of the cervical stump: fifty years of experience.
A series of patients with carcinoma of the cervical stump in relation to age, clinical stage, histopathology, changes in relative incidence, treatment outcome and long-term survival, were studied andExpand
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Primary carcinoma of the vagina: factors influencing the age at diagnosis. The Radiumhemmet series 1956–96
The objective to this retrospective study of 341 cases of primary carcinoma of vagina (PCV) diagnosed between 1956 and 1996 was to find whether epidemiological, clinical, and histopathologicalExpand
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Impact of MRI in the management and staging of cancer of the uterine cervix
Abstract Background. Cervical carcinoma is the only gynecological tumor still being staged mainly by clinical examination and only a limited use of diagnostic radiology. Cross sectional imaging isExpand
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Carcinoma of the cervical stump. The Radiumhemmet series 1959–1987. Treatment and prognosis
Background. The purpose of this retrospective study is to evaluate the longterm prognosis for cervical stump cancer compared to matched controls with cancer in an intact uterus.
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Malignant mixed müllerian tumors of the ovary: histopathologic and clinical review of 36 cases.
Among 2,895 malignant ovarian tumor cases referred to Radiumhemmet, Stockholm from 1975 through 1995, 36 were certified to be malignant mixed müllerian tumors. The overall prognosis was poor withExpand
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Cost of Preventing, Managing, and Treating Human Papillomavirus (HPV)-Related Diseases in Sweden before the Introduction of Quadrivalent HPV Vaccination
Objective Costs associated with HPV-related diseases such as cervical dysplasia, cervical cancer, and genital warts have not been evaluated in Sweden. These costs must be estimated in order toExpand
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