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Two experiments were conducted to evaluate the effects of dietary Zn and Fe supplementation on mineral excretion, body composition, and mineral status of nursery pigs. In Exp. 1 (n = 24; 6.5 kg; 16 to 20 d of age) and 2 (n = 24; 7.2 kg; 19 to 21 d of age), littermate crossbred barrows were weaned and allotted randomly by BW, within litter, to dietary(More)
Although feed intake and efficiency differences in growing cattle of low and high residual feed intake (RFI) classification have been established, little is known about the difference in grazed forage intake between beef cows of known RFI classification. Two experiments were conducted using Hereford cows for which RFI had been determined as heifers using(More)
Most lung perfusion models use very low flow rates to minimize edema. We tested the effect of flow rates on pulmonary function and cellular oxidative metabolism. Isolated rat lungs were perfused with a bloodbased solution containing 13C-labeled substrates. Pulmonary artery flow rates were set at either 5, 10 or 20 mlimin. "C enrichment of glutamate C4(More)
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