Zygmunt Szefliński

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A facility with a horizontal beam for radiobiological experiments with heavy ions has been designed and constructed at the Heavy Ion Laboratory in Warsaw University. The facility is optimal to investigate the radiobiological effects of charged heavy particles on a cellular or molecular level as in the region of the Bragg peak.
  • Joanna Czub, D Banaś, +11 authors A Wójcik
  • Applied radiation and isotopes : including data…
  • 2009
Chinese hamster ovary CHO-K1 cells were exposed to high LET (12)C-beam (LET: 830 keV/microm) in the dose range of 0-6 Gy and to (60)Co irradiation and the RBE value was obtained. Effects of (12)C-beam exposure on cell survival and chromosomal aberrations were calculated. The chromosomal aberration data were fitted with linear equation. The distribution of(More)
PURPOSE To determine the relationship between the relative biological effectiveness (RBE) for cell inactivation and linear energy transfer (LET) in the Bragg peak region of (12)C and (20)Ne ions. MATERIALS AND METHODS Chinese hamster ovary (CHO-K1) cells were exposed to high LET (12)C (33.2 MeV, 20.3 MeV, 9.1 MeV at cell entrance) and (20)Ne ions (56.2(More)
Gamma spectra were measured and activities of the detected isotopes were analyzed for 206 high-activity particles (hot particles, HPs) found in northeastern Poland after the Chernobyl accident. The isotopic composition of HPs observed in gamma-activity is compared with that of the general fallout and core inventory calculations. Particle formation and a(More)
In view of the upcoming radiation therapy with carbon ions, the ionisation structure of the carbon ion track at the nanometre scale is of particular interest. Two different nanodosimeters capable of measuring track structure of ionising particles in a gas target equivalent to a nanometric site in condensed matter were involved in the presented experimental(More)
AIM Investigation of the bystander effect in Chinese Hamster Ovary cells (CHO-K1) co-cultured with cells irradiated in the dose range of 0.1-4 Gy of high LET 12C ions and X-rays. BACKGROUND The radiobiological effects of charged heavy particles on a cellular or molecular level are of fundamental importance in the field of biomedical applications,(More)
We present preliminary data for measured distributions of ionization cluster size produced by carbon ions in tissue equivalent media. The experiments were carried out with a beam of 92 MeV carbon ions from the U200p cyclotron at the Heavy Ion Laboratory (HIL), University of Warsaw, and nitrogen targets using the so-called Jet Counter set-up.
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