Zygmunt Mackiewicz

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The main purpose of this study was to determine the expression of interleukins-17/-23 (ILs-17/-23) and receptors of interleukins-17/-23 (IL-17R, IL-23R) in minor salivary glands (MSGs) of patients with primary Sjögren's syndrome (pSS). Expression of IL-17, IL-23 and receptors of IL-17/-23 was analyzed in MSGs from 25 patients with pSS, 25 patients with(More)
This study describes a modification of Vane's blood-bathed organ technique (BBOT). This new technique consisted of replacing the cascade of contractile smooth muscle organs within the traditional BBOT by a single collagen strip cut from a rabbit's hind leg tendon. Utilizing the extracorporeal circulation of an anesthetized heparinized mongrel cat or Wistar(More)
In recent years, a constant growth of knowledge and clinical applications of stem cells have been observed. Mesenchymal stromal cells, also described as mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) represent a particular cell type for research and therapy because of their ability to differentiate into mesodermal lineage cells. The most investigated source of MSCs is bone(More)
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