Zygmunt L. Warsza

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Ab strac tAn application of the maximization technique in the synthesis of polynomial adaptive algorithms for a posterior (retrospective) estimation of the change-point of the mean value of random sequences is presented. Statistical simulation shows a significant increase in the accuracy of polynomial estimates, which is achieved by taking into account the(More)
− The shifted up one period of cosine function with field under it normalized to 1 is proposed to be use as the unconventional model of probability density function (PDF). It could also approximate Normal probability distribution in the range ± 2,5 standard deviation with accuracy of about ±0,02, which is fully acceptable in the evaluation of measurement(More)
– The proposal of evaluating the uncertainty type A of the stationary random component of measured signal from its regularly sampled observations (auto-correlated) is presented. In the first step the regularly variable components of the signal are indentified and removed from the raw sample data. Then upgraded formulas for standard uncertainty type A of the(More)