Zygmunt Hajdukiewicz

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Distribution and retention of mercury and selenium was studied in rats exposed repeatedly to HgCl2 injections (0.5 mg Hg/kg to the tail vein every other day) and intragastrically to Na2SeO3 (0.5 mg Se/kg every day), applying combined and separate administration of these metals for 2 weeks. Whole-body retention of mercury in the presence of selenium was(More)
Two cases of hemangiosarcoma of the liver and spleen are described. In the first case, a great number of cavernous blood vessels has been found and this, according to the authors, may support the idea that the tumour aroses within the benign hemangioma. In the other case a thrombocytopenia, a rare complication of the liver hemangioblastoma, has been found.(More)