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Neuroendocrine tumors are very rare tumors that occur most commonly in the gastrointestinal tract. The occurrence of neuroendocrine tumors outside gastrointestinal tract is very rare but not unknown. Thus, neuroendocrine tumors and their primary seat can be found in the bronchi and lungs, as well as in the testicles, ovaries, prostate, etc. The occurrence(More)
This case reports the concomitant and unexpected finding of carcinoid tumour within a Meckel's diverticulum presenting as an acute abdomen due to gangrenous appendicitis in a young adult male. Both Meckel's diverticula and carcinoid tumour are rare clinical entities, and carcinoid tumours occurring within a Meckel's diverticulum are even more uncommon. The(More)
Large scalp defects can present as a challenging clinical problem for a reconstructive surgeon. We present a patient with a large scalp defect following an infection after neurosurgical treatment. Reconstruction of a defect was performed using a free latissimus dorsi flap with split-thickness skin graft. For achieving good aesthetic result, we transplanted(More)
We report a rare case of synchronous bilateral breast cancer in 79-year-old female patient treated at our hospital. The tumors were discovered one year ago after a complete clinical and radiological (mammography, US) examination with cytopunction of tumor masses. Results came back and showed carcinomas of both breasts. Patient underwent surgical re moval of(More)
The aim of this work is to confirm or deny the hypothesis that the fist fracture medical treatment at child's age in the General Hospital in Zadar does not differ much from the medical treatment method in other centers which have already published their results. The work is based on the retrospective study. The examinees are children with fist fractures in(More)
Lung cancer is the most frequent malignant disease and the leading cause of death from malignant diseases in the world and its incidence is increasing. At the time when diagnosis is established most patients have advanced disease and are not candidates for radical surgical treatment. Patients without distant metastases are subjected to various diagnostic(More)
A schwannoma is a benign nerve sheath tumor composed of Schwann cells. Spinal schwannoma originates from dorsal roots of the spinal cord, causing symptoms due to the compression of neighboring structures. We present a patient with a low back pain and left L2 and L3 radiculopathy. Neuroimaging techniques (CT, MRI) showed a large expansive mass in the left(More)
The term "quality of life" usually describes factors that have an impact on living conditions within the society or on an individual. Generally, the term quality of life refers to the level of the welfare of individuals or group of people. Obesity is a medical condition in which excess body fat has accumulated to the extent that it may have an adverse(More)
The objective of this research was to evaluate diet quality in elderly nursing home residents and to point out the critical dietary components. The participants (277 females and 62 males) were recruited from all elderly nursing homes in Zagreb and each of elderly nursing homes was equally represented in this study. The age of subjects was ranging from 61 to(More)