Zvonimir Vrtar

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Infection with respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) may induce asthma-like symptoms and RSV-specific IgE in infected infants as a result of Th2-like response to RSV. The effect of RSV infection on the expression of B cell antigens CD21 and CD23, putative participants in Th2 responses, was investigated. Samples from bronchiolitic infants (n = 19) were tested by(More)
Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) glycoprotein G mimics fractalkine, a CX(3)C chemokine, which mediates chemotaxis of leukocytes expressing its receptor, CX(3)CR1. The aim of this study was to examine the relationship between RSV infection and expression of perforin and IFN-gamma in CX(3)CR1-expressing peripheral blood CD8(+) T cells. Samples were collected(More)
The relief of obstruction alone is frequently not sufficient to ensure renal salvage in giant hydronephrosis. We report on our experience with plication of the renal calyces used as an adjunct to dismembered pyeloplasty in patients with giant hydronephrosis. We describe the operative technique and outcomes in ten children after a follow-up period of six(More)
Intussusception (invagination) is a prolapse of a portion of the bowel into the lumen of an immediately adjacent segment of the bowel. The acute type does not present as great a diagnostic problem as does the chronic intussusception. The chronic intussusception is defined as intussusception lasting for 14 days or more.1 Adult intussusception is the cause of(More)
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