Zvonimir Tomac

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This research study was conducted to establish the influence of familiarization on the information component of movement in a motor task for the assessment of preschool children's motor skills. The sample included 50 children whose mean age was 5.9 years (71.5 months). The experimental group consisted of 27 children who were 5.9 years (71.5 months) old, and(More)
The aim of the study was to determine the growth rate, nutritional status, as well as possible differences between children from different demographic areas in Slavonia. The sample consisted of 801 children (407 boys and 394 girls) from grades 1 to 4 in several primary schools in Slavonia. The sample was divided into two subsamples urban/rural, which were(More)
The main objective of this study was the evaluation of physical education teaching in higher grades of primary school through the attitudes of subject teachers. The sample consisted of 89 primary school teachers from the Osijek-Baranja County in the Republic of Croatia. A questionnaire was designed so as to assess the attitudes of preparation, teaching(More)
The study was conducted with the aim to research the influence of familiarization on test results for the assessment of motor skills in preschool children. In sum, 165 children (84 boys and 81 girls; mean age = 5.2 years, SD = 0.91) participated in the study. The measurement protocol consisted of six series of measurements in three different motor tests.(More)
The aim of this research was to assess the views of classroom teachers about the difficulties in the implementation of Physical Education and their suggestions for changes. Research was conducted on a sample of 201 primary school teachers from the Osijek-Baranja County in the Republic of Croatia. Two questionnaires were created for this purpose. The first(More)
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