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The blue nevus is a well-described benign melanocytic proliferation that generally occurs on the skin. Infrequently, blue nevi are found on mucosal surfaces. The most common location for mucosal blue nevi is the oral mucosa, with reported cases in the sinonasal mucosa and genital tract, as well as in other locations. To our knowledge, blue nevi of the(More)
Nontraumatic myositis ossificans circumscripta (MOC) is a rarely reported benign heterotopic ossification characterized by the aberrant formation of bone in extraskeletal soft tissues. Although a history of trauma can be elicited in 75% of MOC patients, the etiology is unclear in patients without inciting injury. MOC is associated with young male athletes,(More)
The need to manage enterprise data has been coming into increasingly sharp focus for some time. Years ago, data sat in silos attached to specific applications. Then came the network, with data becoming available across applications, departments, subsidiaries, and enterprises. Throughout these developments, one underlying problem has remained unsolved: Data(More)
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