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This pilot study examined the effects of composite implants of cultured embryonal nerve cells and laser irradiation on the regeneration and repair of the completely transected spinal cord. Embryonal spinal cord nerve cells dissociated from rat fetuses and cultured on biodegradable microcarriers and embedded in hyaluronic acid were implanted in the(More)
UNLABELLED In this work we evaluated the efficacy of biodegradable composite co-polymer guiding neurotube, based on tissue-engineering technology, for the treatment of complete peripheral nerve injury where the nerve defect is significant. The right sciatic nerve of 12 three-month-old rats was completely transected and peripheral nerve segment was removed.(More)
Cultured epiphyseal-chondrocytes from embryonic chick may serve as a useful in vitro model to study aging processes in cartilage. The accelerated aging process in cultured chondrocytes is completed within a month and is manifested by typical changes in both cellular and extracellular compartments. Under common maintenance conditions, cells show a gradual(More)
Activation of the Na+/H+ exchanger following isosmotic and hyperosmotic stimuli was investigated in an osteoblast cell line (RCJ 1.20). The pH dependence of the transporter activity was studied under conditions of abolished proton gradient (pHi = pHo) across the membrane. The isotonic response is Na+o dependent, increases towards higher pH-values,(More)
Peripheral neuropathy is one of the main complications of diabetes mellitus. The current study demonstrated the bimodal pattern of diabetic peripheral neuropathy found in the behavioral study of pain perception in parallel to the histopathological findings in dorsal root ganglia (DRGs) neurons and satellite Schwann cell basement membranes. A gradual(More)
OBJECTIVE Guiding Regeneration Gel (GRG) was developed in response to the clinical need of improving treatment for peripheral nerve injuries and helping patients regenerate massive regional losses in peripheral nerves. The efficacy of GRG based on tissue engineering technology for the treatment of complete peripheral nerve injury with significant loss(More)
During the prenatal period, gonadal steroid environment induces dramatic sexually dimorphic changes in the nervous system. We have used in vitro methods to study the mechanism and timing of hormonal influences on neuronal sprouting and myelination during the prenatal period. Organotypic cultures of hypothalamus and lumbar spinal cord (SC) slices from rat(More)
A new organotypic culture method for growing slices of nervous system tissue, based on the use of hyaluronic acid as a growth supporting milieu, is described. This method allows cultures derived from either fetuses or newborns to grow and develop with markedly reduced amounts of added serum. Organotypic cultures from fetal rat hypothalamus were exposed to(More)
Chitosan-Hyaluronate hybrid gel (CHHG) is a self-forming thermo-responsive hydrogel. The current study was undertaken in order to assess the effect of CHHG on rat's surgically induced osteoarthritis. Methods. Thirteen rats were included in the study. In all rats weight-bearing was assessed using a Linton Incapacitance tester. All rats underwent bilateral(More)