Zvi Ben-Ami

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Stock-related messages on social media have several interesting properties regarding the sentiment analysis (SA) task. On the one hand, the analysis is particularly challenging, because of frequent typos, bad grammar, and idiosyncratic expressions specific to the domain and media. On the other hand, stock-related messages primarily refer to the state of(More)
Sentiment relevance detection problems occur when there is a sentiment expression in a text, and there is the question of whether or not the expression is related to a given entity or, more generally, to a given situation. The paper discusses variants of the problem, and shows that it is distinct from other somewhat similar problems occurring in the field(More)
A key question in sentiment analysis is whether sentiment ex-pressions, in a given text, are related to particular entities. This is an imperative question, since people are typically interested in sentiments on specific entities and not in the overall sentiment articulated in an article or a document. Sentiment relevance is aimed at addressing this precise(More)
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