Zvi Bekerman

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An ethnographic study in a 10th grade remedial class was undertaken in order to discern patterns of school bullying. Twenty 10th graders were observed over the course of one academic year as they interacted with their peers and teachers. The observations helped us identify dispositional and situational factors which influenced participant roles. In-depth(More)
Kurt Squire Over the past few years, video games have transformed from the pariahs to darlings of academic, with a host of academic journals, conferences, and even entire organizations dedicated to the academic study of video games. Video games are now being taken seriously as art, culture, and commerce, as academics, industry, and government leaders(More)
In this paper we describe and theorize about a computer-supported and mediated educational research project which encourages cultural production and sustainability. We first describe the CD-Golem project which was developed in light of the perceived needs of a Diaspora community’s attempts to impart its youth with a sense of belonging and continuity. Next(More)
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