Zuzana Nemcova

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  • Magdalena BAŠTOVÁ, Veronika HUBÁČKOVÁ, +12 authors Ondřej KONEČNÝ
  • 2011
The paper evaluates interregional differences among Czech regions in the period 2000–2008 by three statistical measures of variability applied to selected indicators. Specifically, the analysis uses regular statistical measures of regional differentiation as the coefficient of variation, Gini coefficient of concentration as well as Theil index. Regional(More)
The max-Łukasiewicz semiring is defined as the unit interval [0, 1] equipped with the arithmetics " a + b " = max(a, b) and " ab " = max(0, a + b − 1). Linear algebra over this semiring can be developed in the usual way. We observe that any problem of the max-Łukasiewicz linear algebra can be equivalently formulated as a problem of the tropical (max-plus)(More)
Illustrations related to the paper by J. Munzar, S. Ondráček and I. Auer Fig. 2: The contemporary image of the Nová Louka / Neuwiese locality, where the historical extreme precipitation record was measured. PRICE 280 CZK (excluding VAT) per copy plus the postage 800 CZK (excluding VAT) per volume (four numbers per year) plus the postage Abstract The paper(More)
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