Zuzana Moravcová

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Low-density membrane fragments (domains) were separated from the bulk of plasma membranes of human embryonic kidney (HEK)293 cells expressing a delta-opioid (DOP) receptor-Gi1alpha fusion protein by drastic homogenization and flotation on equilibrium sucrose density gradients. The functional activity of trimeric G proteins and capacity of the DOP receptor(More)
Many extracellular signals are at the cell surface received by specific receptors, which upon activation transduce information to the appropriate cellular effector molecules via trimeric G proteins. The G protein-mediated cascades ultimately lead to the highly refined regulation of systems such as sensory perception, cell growth, and hormonal regulation.(More)
PURPOSE OF THE INVESTIGATION The aim of study was to determine the efficacy of radioguided occult lesion localisation (ROLL) for non-palpable invasive breast cancer combined with sentinel lymph node biopsy (SLNB) and to compare the amount of tissue excised by radioguided navigation versus the hook-wire technique. METHODS We injected 45 MBq of(More)
Iloprost (IP) stimulation (1 microM, 2 h) of Flag-epitope-tagged human IP prostanoid receptor (FhIPR) expressed in HEK293 cells resulted in specific decrease of endogenous G(s)alpha protein in detergent-insensitive, caveolin-enriched, membrane domains (DIMs). Receptor protein FhIPR, caveolin, G(i)alpha and GPI-linked, domain markers CD55 and CD59 were(More)
In the retinal nerve fiber layer diffuse and localized defects can be seen in glaucoma. Photographs made with a green filter on black and white high contrast film allow to follow these alterations. This method will be used together with colour photographs for the statement of intra- and interobserver agreement.
PURPOSE To determine whether retinal nerve fiber layer (RNFL) photographs can predict future glaucoma visual field damage. METHODS In a prospective study 158 red free photographs of the RNFL were made from November 1994 to June 1995. 28 eyes of 19 patients with ocular hypertension (repeated intraocular pressure over 21 mmHg and normal visual(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective of the study was to investigate the changes of histopathological and immunohistochemical parameters of breast tissue among the HRT users. DESIGN Prospective, pilot study. SETTING Departments of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Pathology and Radiology of the 2nd Medical School, Charles University and the Teaching Hospital Motol, Praha(More)
The authors evaluated the final functional results in 30 eyes where on account of nuclear and cortical cataract an intraocular lens was implanted. The operation was preceded by pars plana vitrectomy (PPV) with internal gas tamponade on account of an idiopathic macular hole (IMD). The cataract the development of which was recorded in 57 eyes was the(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective of the study was to evaluate the feasibility of radio guided occult lesion localization (ROLL) in the cases of nonpalpable breast cancers with sentinel lymph node biopsy. DESIGN Prospective clinical study SETTING Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, 2nd Medical Faculty and Teaching Hospital, Praha METHODS Thirty-eight(More)