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Species moved by human activities beyond the limits of their native geographic ranges into areas in which they do not naturally occur (termed aliens) can cause a broad range of significant changes to recipient ecosystems; however, their impacts vary greatly across species and the ecosystems into which they are introduced. There is therefore a critical need(More)
Whereas proliferating cells enter M phase shortly after DNA replication, the first M phase of meiosis is preceded by an extended prophase in which homologous chromosomes undergo recombination. Exit from prophase I is controlled by the recombination checkpoint (RC), which, in yeast, represses the meiosis-specific transcription factor Ndt80 required for the(More)
Algoritmy kapacitného plánovania a rozvrhovania výroby, tvorba prognózy a kapacitnej bilancie plánovacieho systému firmy Alfa Folie, a.s. Algorithms of capacity planning and production scheduling prognosis creation a capacity balance of Alfa Foils, a.s. planning system Firm forecasting and planning base on operative approach bears only measure of request(More)
Definovanie základných a podporných častí plánovacieho systému firmy Alfa folie, a.s. Definition of basic and supporting parts of Alfa foils, a.s. planning system Aggregate planning cummulates into one target capacity, materials, economy and technology rules with aim to minimize subjective approaches at the production plan designing and utilization of(More)
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