Zuzana Cibulková

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Molecularly imprinted polymer (MIP) and non-imprinted polymer (NIP) on the base of methacrylic acid prepared by a bulk polymerization were used as stationary phases for the HPLC analysis. The thermodynamic processes were carried out to investigate the temperature effects during sorption processes of potential local anaesthetics - morpholinoethyl esters of(More)
The parameters obtained from a kinetic analysis of thermoanalytical data often exhibit a conversion-dependent behavior. A novel incremental isoconversional method able to deal with this phenomenon is proposed. The kinetic model is directly fitted to the experimental data using nonlinear orthogonal least squares procedure. The data are processed without(More)
Papaver somniferum L. is an important crop cultivated mostly for seed production. Poppy seeds have a high nutritive value and are used as a food and as a source of edible oil. This oil is a rich source of polyunsaturated fatty acids. It is well known that the unsaturated fatty acids easily undergo oxidation reactions, which lead to the reduction of shelf(More)
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