Zuzana Bizonova

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The success of the e-learning paradigm observed in recent times created a growing demand for e-learning systems in universities and other educational institutions, that itself led to the development of a number of either commercial or open source learning management systems (LMS). While the usage of these systems gains recognition and acceptance amongst(More)
The growing choice of e-learning platform technologies leads to new difficulties. In particular, it becomes hard to manage or to compare available platforms and to re-use existing course material from different kinds of platforms because of technological discrepancy. This paper proposes a tentative solution of this difficulty-a common platform-independent(More)
Currently, Learning Systems are used for facilitating the creation of interoperable content for performance in competency-driven society. This paper brings several technological development to enhance Learning Systems: the interconnection of distributed and/or heterogeneous LMS and Learning Resource repositories to provide course creators with access to a(More)
In the recent years, e-learning gained popularity among educational institutions as well as enterprises. As the result of that many commercial or open-source Learning Management Systems (LMS) were developed to manage online courses. While the usage of these systems gains recognition and acceptance amongst institutions, there are new problems arising that(More)
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