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We conduct molecular dynamics (MD) simulations to study the thermal conductivity of freestanding silicene and silicene supported on an amorphous silicon dioxide (SiO2) substrate in the temperature range from 300 to 900 K. The results show that the thermal conductivity decreases with increasing temperature and that the presence of the SiO2 substrate results(More)
Forest boundary delineation is one of the key issues of forest management for Swiss National Forest Inventory (NFI). The proposed approach in this paper focuses on the delineation of forest boundaries with special emphasis on spatially contiguous and reproducible results by using both aerial images and LIDAR data. The used Green Vegetation Index (GVI) is(More)
This paper concentrates on the delineation of forest boundaries from aerial images with focus on spatially contiguous and reproducible results for the Swiss National Forest Inventory. Because of the poor performance of common edge models to extract natural vegetation boundaries, this paper presents a combined method of image segmentation and wavelet-based(More)
Forest boundary is one of the important parameters in Swiss National Forest Inventory (NFI). It is mainly delineated by aerial photo interpretation according to the defined “Forest/Non-forest decision” rules at each sample plot. However, it is not suitable for local assessment of forest stands with such kind of coarse grid sampling design. This paper(More)
Forest mapping is an important source of information for assessing woodland resources and a key issue for any National Forest Inventory (NFI). In the present study, a detailed wall-to-wall forest cover map was generated for all of Switzerland, which meets the requirement of the Swiss NFI forest definition. The workflow is highly automated and based on(More)
Tree cover is one of the important forest parameters in SWISS National Forest Inventory (NFI). Therefore, automatic tree cover detection is of practical interest. However, it difficult to remover shadow areas because of some effects related to ADS40 data processing of Digital Surface Model (DSM) by NGATE. This paper proposes an automatic and flexible(More)
Image segmentation is an important component in object based forest management with increasing high resolution remote sensing data such as ADS40 images. However, evaluation of segmentation algorithms has been largely subjective. To be able to evaluate image segmentation methods quantitatively and objectively, we applied a new error measurement which(More)
In this paper we incorporate different kinds of features, namely GVI, Gabor texture from high resolution aerial images and curvature feature from LIDAR for forest delineation in Swiss national forest inventory. The GVI is helpful for non vegetation areas removing while the curvature feature is useful for buildings removing in urban area. The texture feature(More)