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Schema theory (ST) is a methodology of analyzing complex and dynamic systems of human and other creatures. The theory explains the formation of intelligence, the structure and organization of cognition, etc. The theory has been applied in areas of artificial intelligence, autonomous robot and autonomous agents, etc. Fundamental concepts of ST and Human(More)
Using the basic concepts and design methods of Human Simulated Intelligent Control (HSIC), we have designed the master control level of an HSIC controller for the swinging-up and handstand control of a cart-double pendulum. Then, the self-tuning structure of the self-tuning level of the HSIC Controller is implemented using fuzzy logic rules. This structure(More)
Take the handstand-stabilization-control problem of cart-double-pendulum system (CDPS) as an example, this paper detailed a general control parameters optimization and system implementation method for human-simulated intelligent controller. Firstly, the physical and dynamic models of CDPS were analyzed, and then the research platform for the controller of(More)
Applying Emotion Behavior Selection Mechanism to Dom World fight mode, a fight behavior mechanism based on emotions is built to discover how the result of a former fight influences, in emotion pattern, the decision and achievement of a letter fight. On Swarm soft platform of Artificial Life, consulting to the design and data of Dom Word simulation, a(More)
A new kind of intelligent control is discussed, namely, human simulated intelligent control (HSIC), which hierarchically include three levels: centrum chief level (CC), organizing and coordinating level (OC), and unit control level (UC). Then the control problem of arbitrary switch control of circular-rail double pendulum (CRDP) is studied. Finally, the(More)
A hybrid simplex-genetic algorithm (HSGA) is presented to solve global numerical optimization problems. The HSGA combines the traditional genetic algorithm, which has a powerful global exploration capacity, with simplex algorithm, which can exploit the local range. Some improved mechanism are introduced in the HSGA, such as hybrid encoding, orthogonal(More)
A double-loop control system based on humansimulated intelligent control (HSIC) is designed using a mathematical model of a brushless direct current motor. The system includes a PI current controller and an HSIC speed controller, and controller parameters are set and optimized using an improved genetic algorithm. In the double-loop motor control system, a(More)