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Capital Structure Effect on Firms Performance: Focusing on Consumers and Industrials Sectors on Malaysian Firms
This study seeks to investigate the impact of capital structure on firm performance by analyzing the relationship between operating performance of Malaysian firms, measured by return on asset (ROA)Expand
Islamisation of Engineering Education in International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM): Problems and Prospect
The surge for infusing of Islamic knowledge and values into engineering education emerge having realized the gross inadequacies of the western/secular engineering education, which aimed only atExpand
The Influence of Ownership Structure on the Firms Dividend Policy Based Lintner Model
This study investigates the relationship between types of ownership structure and dividend payments of Malaysian listed companies. A crosssectional analysis of 100 sample firms listed on the mainExpand
Integrating Tawhidi values into science and engineering education: a case study
This article reviews the recent work on integrating Twhidic values by corporating and linking between Quranic and scientific concepts in the texts of some science and engineering subjects and particularly physics for foundation studies and suggests new directions for future work of writing up text books that integrates scientific, engineering and Islamic concepts. Expand
Development of integrated curriculum and teaching materials for science/engineering courses
The research is an outcome of the Focus Group Discussion (FGD) held on 18-19 November 2014 on the effect of curriculum and teaching materials on the grounding of Islamic foundations intoExpand
Foreign direct investment inflows in Malaysia: a quantitative approach/ Nur Liyana Mohamed Yousop ...[et al.]
This study had been conducted due to realizing the importance of FDI inflows. After considering previous studies, this study aims to (1) examine the relationship between FDI inflows in Malaysia andExpand
Transforming agriculture research into commercialisation: experience of Universiti Putra Malaysia
One of the major goals of any high impact research and development is an overall improvement in the well-being and sustainable quality of life through innovations. As universities continuouslyExpand
A Conceptual Study on Financial Distress of Takaful Firms in Malaysia
Article history: Received 19 October 2014 Received in revised form 21 November 2014 Accepted 25 November 2014
School choice is an important decision that every parent needs to make for their school-age children, especially when it involves children with disabilities. In Malaysia, while school choice optionsExpand
South East Asia Journal of Contemporary Business, Economics and Law, Vol. 3, Issue 1 (December) ISSN 2289-1560
Managing job stress is a challenging task in any companies. Failure or unable to manage and control job stress may lead to many problems in the workplace. Job stress can be considered as anExpand