Zurab Kakabadze

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Benign osteoblastoma refers to a benign tumor of the bone. Osteoblastoma most commonly affects the vertebrae and long tubular bones, however, in rare cases is observed in the facial bones. The current study presents the case of a 12-year-old female patient with a tumor in the mandibular body. Radiological imaging revealed a lesion with regular contours. The(More)
Introduction. A total of 18 patients, with complete motor deficits and paraplegia caused by thoracic and lumbar spine trauma without muscle atrophy or psychiatric problems, were included into this study. Materials and Methods. The bone marrow was aspirated from the anterior iliac crest under local anesthesia and the mononuclear fraction was isolated by(More)
Introduction Exposition of the petrous part of the internal carotid artery (pICA) necessitates close control during surgery for proximal internal carotid artery aneurysms. The most difficult manipulation is the exposure of the internal carotid artery on the level of the carotid canal, and in most cases it is accompanied by local neurological complications(More)
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