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—This paper proposes and demonstrates a simulation model to systematically investigate jitter accumulations in cascaded all-optical 2R regenerators. The simulation results indicate that when the pattern dependence from the memory effect is minimized , the jitter accumulation depends critically on the degree of the regenerative nonlinearity. Studies of(More)
—Empowered by the optical orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (O-OFDM) technology, flexible online service provisioning can be realized with dynamic routing, modulation, and spectrum assignment (RMSA). In this paper, we propose several online service provisioning algorithms that incorporate dynamic RMSA with a hybrid single-/multi-path routing (HSMR)(More)
—This paper investigates the spectrum fragmentation issue, which undermines the bandwidth efficiency in elastic optical networks. After categorizing the two-dimensional fragmentation problem as the fragmentation and misalignment subproblems, this paper proposes joint routing and spectrum assignment (RSA) algorithms to alleviate the spectral fragmentation in(More)
—Spectrum fragmentation limits the efficiency of spectrum utilization in elastic optical networks (EONs). This paper studies how to take advantage of the centralized network control and management provided by software-defined EONs (SD-EONs) for realizing OpenFlow-assisted implementation of online defragmentation (DF). We first discuss the overall system(More)