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In this paper, after proposing a novel metric, i.e., global resource capacity (GRC), to quantify the embedding potential of each substrate node, we propose an efficient heuristic virtual network embedding (VNE) algorithm, called as GRC-VNE. The proposed algorithm aims to maximize the revenue and to minimize the cost of the infrastructure provider (InP).(More)
Empowered by the optical orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (O-OFDM) technology, flexible online service provisioning can be realized with dynamic routing, modulation, and spectrum assignment (RMSA). In this paper, we propose several online service provisioning algorithms that incorporate dynamic RMSA with a hybrid single-/multi-path routing (HSMR)(More)
This paper investigates the spectrum fragmentation issue, which undermines the bandwidth efficiency in elastic optical networks. After categorizing the two-dimensional fragmentation problem as the fragmentation and misalignment subproblems, this paper proposes joint routing and spectrum assignment (RSA) algorithms to alleviate the spectral fragmentation in(More)
Elastic optical networks (EONs) enable network operators to have agile bandwidth management in the optical layer. In this paper, we investigate dynamic and adaptive bandwidth defragmentation (DF) in EONs with time-varying traffic using connection reconfigurations. We consider how to design DF procedures in a systematic way, and study the problems that have(More)
This article discusses the technologies for realizing highly efficient data migration and backup for big data applications in elastic optical inter-data-center (inter-DC) networks. We first describe the impacts of big data applications on underlying network infrastructure and introduce the concept of flexible-grid elastic optical inter-DC networks. Then we(More)
We investigate the principle of how dynamic service provisioning fragments the spectral resources on links along a path, and propose corresponding RMSA algorithms to alleviate spectrum fragmentation in dynamic network environments. OCIS codes: (060.1155) All-optical networks; (060.4251) Networks, assignments and routing algorithms;
This paper provides theoretical and experimental studies of radio-frequency (RF) photonics processing techniques applicable in subcarrier-multiplexed optical-label switching (OLS) communications systems. The paper provides an overview of various label-coding technologies and introduces subcarrier multiplexing (SCM) as an attractive technology for OLS(More)
In this paper, we incorporate a layered approach to design integrated multicast-capable routing and spectrum assignment (MC-RSA) algorithms for achieving efficient alloptical multicasting in spectrum-sliced elastic optical networks (EONs), which are based on the optical orthogonal frequencydivision multiplexing (O-OFDM) technology. For each multicast(More)