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A new scrambling method of true color images based on AES algorithm is proposed. It takes the structure of true color images into full consideration, and decreases the complexity. The analytical method of cryptography is first used in this paper to analyze the security of disordered images; at the same time, an error-correcting code is designed to prevent(More)
In order to reduce the points on contour lines, an optimized model based on progressive simplifying method for contour lines satisfied by the terrain feature constraints is proposed. Firstly the topographical characteristic points and feature lines are extracted Based on Constraint Delaunay TIN, and then constraints of the contour lines are analyzed(More)
In order to extract high-quality topographic characteristic lines,based on contour lines constrained Delaunay TIN,two employed methods of extracting the topographic characteristic lines are proposed in this paper.The first method is calculating the value of the turn angle, curvature and the shape index of contour vertex firstly,and then is to determine the(More)
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