Zuozheng Wang

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Recent studies have shown that microRNA-34c-3p (miR-34c-3p) is down-regulated in various types of cancers and involved in tumor growth, invasion and metastasis. However, the roles of miR-34c-3p in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) are poorly understood. In this study, the expression profile of miR-34c-3pin HCC tissues and cell lines were examined by(More)
Box-Behnken design criterion was applied to identify the significant effects of various extraction parameters such as temperature, time, and solvent-solid ratio on extraction of tea carbohydrate. Among the three variables tested extraction temperature, and solvent-solid ratio were found to have significant effect on tea carbohydrate extraction. The most(More)
In fixed-odds numbers games, the prizes and the odds of winning are known at the time of placement of the wager. Both players and operators are subject to the vagaries of luck in such games. Most game operators limit their liability exposure by imposing a sales limit on the bets received for each bet type, at the risk of losing the rejected bets to the(More)
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