Zuoxing Guo

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The excellent electrochemical performance of greigite (Fe3S4) coupled with its vast abundance and low toxicity make it a good prospect as an anode material for lithium ion batteries (LIBs). In this research, a simple and feasible approach for producing pure phase, small sized, shape-controllable, and stable Fe3S4 nanoplates (NPs) through hot injection of(More)
FeS2 nanomaterials with two-dimensional features hold great promise for electrochemical and photovoltaic applications. However, the preparation of ultrathin FeS2 nanosheets is still challenging because of the lack of a tailor-made approach. In this work, FeS2 nanosheets with a thickness of 2.1 nm are prepared through a Fe3O4-seeded approach. Uniform Fe3O4(More)
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