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The telecare medicine information system enables the patients gain health monitoring at home and access medical services over internet or mobile networks. In recent years, the schemes based on cryptography have been proposed to address the security and privacy issues in the telecare medicine information systems. However, many schemes are insecure or they(More)
The telecare medical information system enables the patients gain health monitoring and access healthcare-related services over internet or mobile networks. Due to the open environment, the mutual authentication between the user and the telecare server will thus be in demand. Many smart card based authentication schemes for telecare medicine information(More)
Recently, Yang et al. proposed a three-party encrypted key exchange protocol (3PAKE) which is based on Elliptic curve cryptography. Their 3PAKE protocol is efficient because it requires less computation cost and less communication cost, which is well suitable for mobile commerce environments. However, Yang et al.’s 3PAKE protocol is susceptible to parallel(More)
Abstract A (t, n) threshold proxy signature scheme enables an original signer to delegate the signature authority to a proxy group of n member such that t or more than t proxy signers can cooperatively sign messages on behalf of the original signer. In the paper, we review the security of some nonrepudiable threshold proxy signature schemes with known(More)
  • Zuowen Tan
  • J. Network and Computer Applications
  • 2012
In pervasive computing environments, the users can get access to the services from the service providers in a highly desirable way. But the security of the user’s authentication is a challenging field. Pervasive computing environments must provide the service to only legitimate users. On the other hand, some users attempt to keep their anonymity without(More)