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Potassium uptake and transport is facilitated by KT/HAK/KUP transporters. In this study, we identified 16 putative K+-uptake transporter genes in peach (Prunus persica). To investigate the role of PpeKUP in maintaing K+ uptake, transport, and homeostasis, we applied abiotic stresses to peach seedlings and analysed physiological reactions and transcriptional(More)
ApKUPs are typical high-affinity potassium (K+) transporters of Alternanthera philoxeroides which are involved in its response to K+ starvation and abiotic stresses. In this study, the overexpression of ApKUP3 gene in rice resulted in enhanced K+ nutrition and drought tolerance of transgenic plants. Compared with wild-type (WT) plants, the transgenic plants(More)
The regulation of antagonistic OVO isoforms is critical for germline formation and differentiation in Drosophila. However, little is known about genes related to ovary development. In this study, we cloned the Bombyx mori ovo gene and investigated its four alternatively spliced isoforms. BmOVO-1, BmOVO-2 and BmOVO-3 all had four C2H2 type zinc fingers, but(More)
The detailed molecular mechanism of Bmovo-1 regulation of ovary size is unclear. To uncover the mechanism of Bmovo-1 regulation of ovarian development and oogenesis using RNA-Seq, we compared the transcriptomes of wild type (WT) and Bmovo-1-overexpressing silkworm (silkworm(+Bmovo-1)) ovaries. Using a pair-end Illumina Solexa sequencing strategy, 5,296,942(More)
Iron is required for the Fe-S cluster assembly which occurs in chloroplasts, mitochondria, and cytosol and here we characterized 44 Fe-S cluster biosynthesis genes and investigated their expression profiles during different peach flowering stages. Quantitative real-time PCR analysis shows that the highest expression of most peach Fe-S cluster biosynthesis(More)
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