Zuomin Dong

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Contraflow operation is frequently used for reducing traffic congestion near tunnels and bridges where traffic demands from the opposite directions vary periodically. In this work, a generic real-time optimal contraflow control method has been introduced. The introduced method integrates two important functional components: 1) an intelligent system with(More)
With increased dependence on elevators in high-rise buildings, a reliable and effective backup power system is in urgent need. In this work, a hybrid backup power system that consists of hydrogen fuel cells, batteries and ultracapacitors is introduced. The electric power system was modeled using the multi-physics/system-dynamics modeling tool,(More)
A dynamometer system for testing fuel cell hybrid low-speed electric vehicles (FCHLSEVs) is developed in this work. The system is designed to assist in the analysis and development of FCHLSEVs as well as in the validation of current vehicle performance modeling methods. It will be used as a design and evaluation tool for various vehicular fuel cell power(More)
The use of approximation models in multiobjective optimization problems that involve expensive analysis and simulation processes such as multi-physics modeling and simulation, finite element analysis (FEA) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) has become more popular and more attractive, especially for the optimization of complex mechatronics systems.(More)
The capability of exploiting various fuels is one of the advantages of solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) on stationary power application, and a promising solution for using coal through the integrated gasification fuel cell (IGFC) application when combined with a proper coal gasifier and gas reformer. Recently, the anode supported planar SOFC becomes a(More)
As a very well-known non-gradient global optimization method, DIviding RECTangles (DIRECT) algorithm has been proven to be an effective and efficient search method for many global optimization problems. However, computation of the algorithm could be costly and slow in solving problems involving computation intensive, Expensive Black Box (EBB) function due(More)