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One of the goals of planetary exploration is to cache rock samples for subsequent return to Earth in the future Mars Sample Return (MSR) mission. This paper presents a method of binocular camera calibration. Robotic vision has become a very popular field in recent years due to the numerous promising applications it may enhance. However, errors within the(More)
This paper proposes a new correlation analysis method for nonstationary and energy-limited continual signals, which works out a formula similar to time correlation theory; that is to say when the operator, , meets a certain condition, its auto-correlation property of Fourier transform can be presented by Fourier transform of its energy function, f 2 ) ( t f(More)
As we all know, human vision is quite sensitive to abnormal behaviors, which is attributed to the discharging of the receptor cells in the brain visual cortex and the ensuing bioelectrical energy features. Inspired by this biological nature, this paper constructs a computing model to describe video dynamic energy, which can further improve the perception of(More)
Natural images recognition is an important area of machine vision. This paper presents a novel approach for natural images recognition, based on the non-Gaussian distribution property of natural images. In this new method for recognition, first supervised classification is conducted to the natural images based on their label value, then independent(More)
Under real driving conditions, the fatigue monitoring system based on drivers' video is highly affected by light environment, which deteriorates the registration of facial information and thus the accuracy of surveillance. This paper, on the basis of AAM (Active Appearance Model)-based face registration method, analyzes the reasons of its failure when(More)
Fatigue driving is a major cause for traffic accidents. One of the most effective ways to detect fatigue driving is by machine vision based on driver's eye fatigue features. However, it is highly affected by lighting conditions in real driving conditions. This paper firstly corrects the color balance of video images to extract the lighting-adaptive skin(More)