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OBJECTIVE Pathological changes in an organ or tissue may be reflected in proteomic patterns in serum. It is possible that unique serum proteomic patterns could be used to discriminate cancer samples from non-cancer ones. Due to the complexity of proteomic profiling, a higher order analysis such as data mining is needed to uncover the differences in complex(More)
Flexible job-shop scheduling problems are an important extension of the classical job-shop scheduling problems and present additional complexity. Such problems are mainly due to the existence of a considerable amount of overlapping capacities with modern machines. Classical scheduling methods are generally incapable of addressing such capacity overlapping.(More)
This paper presents a study of the analysis of breast density in missed cancer cases and the effect of tissue density on cancer detection. A total of 100 missed cancer cases were collected. The breast density tissue was segmented with a statistical-based method. A set of tests was then applied to examine: (1) the differences in density between the(More)
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