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Beginning with Lax pairs from special non-semisimple matrix Lie algebras, we establish a scheme for constructing nonlinear discrete integrable couplings. Discrete variational identities over the associated loop algebras are used to build Hamiltonian structures for the resulting integrable couplings. We illustrate the application of the scheme by means of an(More)
In this article, several 2+1 dimensional lattice hierarchies proposed by Blaszak and Szum [J. Math. Phys. 42, 225(2001)] are further investigated. We first describe their discrete zero curvature representations. Then, by means of solving the corresponding discrete spectral equation , we demonstrate the existence of infinitely many conservation laws for them(More)
In this paper, we investigate nonintegrable semidiscrete Hirota equations, including the nonintegrable semidiscrete Hirota(-) equation and the nonintegrable semidiscrete Hirota(+) equation. We focus on the topics on gauge-equivalent structures and dynamical behaviors for the two nonintegrable semidiscrete equations. By using the concept of the prescribed(More)
In this paper, we propose a new semidiscrete Hirota equation which yields the Hirota equation in the continuum limit. We focus on the topic of how the discrete space step δ affects the simulation for the soliton solution to the Hirota equation. The Darboux transformation and explicit solution for the semidiscrete Hirota equation are constructed. We show(More)
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