Zunwei Fu

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  • Feng Liu, Zunwei Fu, Yanpeng Zheng, Qing Yuan
  • 2016
We consider the boundedness of a kind of nonlinear integral operators on L p spaces. Including the parametric Marcinkiewicz integrals with rough kernels along compound curves {Φ(ϕ(|y|))y ; y ∈ R n } with Φ satisfying certain growth conditions and ϕ being differentiable function with monotonicity and some properties on the positive real line, we investigate(More)
This paper focuses on the bounds of weighted multilinear Hardy operators on the product Herz spaces and the product Morrey-Herz spaces, respectively. We present a sufficient condition on the weight function that guarantees weighted multilinear Hardy operators to be bounded on the product Herz spaces. And the condition is necessary under certain assumptions.(More)
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