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Wheat WAG-1 is a C-class MADS-box gene, which is orthologous to AGAMOUS in Arabidopsis. In this study, we report the cloning, characterization, and expression patterns of WAG-1 in the pistillody mutant HTS-1 and its sib-line CSTP. The cDNA of WAG-1 was found to be 765 bp in length, which was equal to the length of its open reading frame, encoding 254 amino(More)
New experimental results show that laser bending can be extended to generate a bending angle not only towards but also away from the laser beam, giving more flexibility to the process. In order to explain this buckling instability, a series of experiments have been carried out with real-time measurement of the bending angle for different materials,(More)
Computer simulation and experimental investigation of the sheet metal bending into a V-shape by the laser beam scanning without an external force exerted onto it have been performed. A 3-D FEM simulation has been carried out, which includes a non-linear transient indirect coupled thermal-structural analysis accounting for the temperature dependency of the(More)
This paper introduces a new face recognition technique using Gabor Wavelet transform and Back propagation network. Face recognition being regarded as a fundamental technology of biometrics has been applied to a variety of areas, including computer vision and pattern recognition. In this proposed approach, the features of the query face image and database(More)
The main research described in this paper includes three sections. First, research on the response of the stainless steel ball-shaped ionisation chamber by experimental methods. Secondly, calculation of the response of the chamber with the general Monte Carlo EGS4 code in order to compare with the equivalent electron source theory by calculation methods.(More)
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