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This paper explores the use of locality of dependencies in large-scale distributed systems towards developing efficient checkpoint strategies. Dependencies among processes evolve into message interactions, which often spread and affect recovery dependencies and logging requirements. On the other hand, message interactions are usually localized within small(More)
This paper studies the use of process clones towards localizing recovery in large-scale distributed systems. A clone is a virtual recovery process with a limited life, and is useful for decoupling recovery dependencies among checkpoints. A generic checkpoint dependency graph (CDG) model is used to capture the dependency relations among checkpoints. A(More)
Group check pointing is a fix between global check pointing and log-based recovery. It features both reduced runtime overhead and localized recovery effect for improving the fault-tolerance performance of large-scale distributed systems. However, parallel programs cannot efficiently benefit from this strategy, as they often involve synchronous or(More)
Abstract: Conventional Monte Carlo methods are often used to solve some hard second kind Fredholm integral equations such as the difficult global illumination problems due to its dimensional independence. However, the convergence rate of the quasi-Monte Carlo methods for numerical integration is superior to that of the Monte Carlo methods. In this paper, we(More)
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