Zun-Ping Ma

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By using geostatistical methods, this paper studied the spatial heterogeneity and distribution patterns of soil pH, total carbon, total nitrogen, and total phosphorus in an evergreen broad-leaved forest in Tiantong of Zhejiang Province, and the effects of terrain factors (elevation, convexity, and slope) on the soil properties were quantified based on RDA(More)
To explore the effects of multi-dimensional topographic factors on forest gap distribution, the forest gaps in a 20 hm2 dynamic monitoring plot of an evergreen broad-leaved forest in Tiantong region of Zhejiang were taken as the objects to study the distribution patterns of the gap fraction, gap density, and gap area under the effects of altitude, slope(More)
The pervasive pattern of aggregated tree distributions in natural communities is commonly explained by the joint effect of two clustering processes: environmental filtering and dispersal limitation, yet little consensus remains on the relative importance of the two clustering processes on tree aggregations. Different life stages of examined species were(More)
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