Zulqarnain Masoodi

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Burn patients are rendered with physical as well as mental scars; the latter usually are more protean in their manifestations. Rehabilitation after burn can be a grueling experience and the associated stress can blemish the patient's sexuality and intimacy. There is dearth of literature regarding the quality of sexual life after burn as well as sexual(More)
INTRODUCTION Actinomycetoma is a chronic subcutaneous infection caused by aerobic branching actinomycetes. Its clinical features are firm tumefaction of the affected site and the presence of abscesses, nodules, and sinuses that drain a seropurulent exudate containing filamenting granules. Cutaneous actinomycetoma has traditionally been deemed uncommon in(More)
OBJECTIVE To highlight the role of fasciocutaneous flaps in the management of leg and foot defects sustained after trauma, in rural India. METHOD This was a prospective study conducted on patients with traumatic defects of the leg and foot, admitted between May 2001 and April 2007. Selection of flaps was done on the basis of defect size, site and(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the feasibility and reliability of the superior gluteal artery perforator (SGAP) flap for the reconstruction of sacral pressure ulcers. METHOD A prospective study was conducted between 2009 and 2012 where a total of 15 patients with sacral pressure ulcers underwent reconstructive surgery with an islanded pedicled SGAP flap. Success of(More)
Motorcycles have emerged as a viable mode of transport for millions in the third world. Mufflers (exhaust pipes in some countries) remain a potential "Achilles' tendon" or a designing flaw in the mass-produced, economical motorcycles of the developing world. Owing to the excessive temperature they attain while the hot exhaust gases pass through them and(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the efficacy of radical debridement and skin grafting in treating diabetic foot ulceration, compared with conservative wound treatment. METHOD The medical notes for 30 patients who underwent skin grafting for diabetic foot ulceration (graft group) were retrospectively analysed and matched, according to age, gender, ankle brachial(More)
OBJECTIVE Agricultural hand injuries occur mainly among young adults, many affecting the dominant hand, thereby impeding patients' ability to work or cope with social obligations. This study was carried out with the aim of collecting data on the epidemiology and management of agricultural hand injuries in Indian subjects. METHOD The study was conducted in(More)
The authors treated 24 giant auricular keloids (mean size, 11 cm) from January 2008 to July 2012 using a novel protocol consisting of complete excision, skin grafting, a 1-time intraoperative injection of triamcinolone, immediate radiotherapy, and sustained pressure therapy. At 1 year, the success rate was 87.5%.
Burns occurring in conjunction with pregnancy can be a potentially life threatening scenario as it may lead to a rapid depletion of the already diminished maternal reserves. The management protocol in a pregnant burn female has to be tailored, taking into consideration the additional factor of fetal well being and the fetal susceptibility to various agents.(More)
BACKGROUND Changes in sleep architecture are common phenomena observed in post-traumatic patients; such altered sleeping patterns have negative implications on various phases of rehabilitation. Sleep is an essential process, without which one cannot function effectively and, hence, any aberrations in the quality of sleep in such patients need to be(More)